Recording Projects

We are equipped to handle about any type of recording project you desire from a simple demo recording or custom soundtrack creation to a fully packaged, table ready, Compact Disc package!

From start to finish we can coordinate everything from musicians, backing vocals, engineering, producing, mixing, mastering, duplication, preparation for internet streaming and even a full blown web site. We offer free consultations on how to get the most from your studio time based on what your goals are for the project. There is no obligation.

Our goal is to help you get the Gospel out with the best available quality and within the budget you have. The bottom line is that you don't have to record here to get support here.

What a wonderful change of pace to find humble servants of the Lord who are willing, dedicated, organized, thorough and professional. It was a breath of heaven!... I was so impressed by the musical gifts and talents of the studio musicians...How nice it was that everything stayed within the budget we had planned...
Krisalee W.
Covington, WA.

Popular Item - Custom Soundtracks

One of our most popular services is our custom soundtrack creation. We can create custom soundtracks for you using our professional studio musicians. A Five instrument soundtrack and the studio time to create it requires only $165. Rates are less if less instruments are used. Just add or subtract $25 per instrument per song as needed.

Soundtracks can be completely original or replicas of your favorite version of an existing soundtrack. Click here for detailed rates information!

Thanks, your work is beautiful. We can't wait to sing them publicly.
Morristown, TN

Distance Recording or On-Site!

We offer two types of recording services, on-site and distance recording.

On-site services are those where you physically come to the studio and record. Distance Recording is where we provide all the same services by using modern tools such as digital audio workstations, web, email, and phone to complete your project.

RE: Distance Recording:
I listened to the CD in my office and it sounds great!! I am so thrilled... and I can't thank you enough... Again, my thanks for a stupendous job! I will definitely be working with you again in the future.
Francesca W.
Waldorf, MD